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An Australian born music artist, GEM RPM has had a stellar year since releasing her record the2070s. The album reimagines her favourite Seventies hits around dreamy modern electronic beats. The record secured her a #2 spot on the Australian iTunes chart and a new artist feature on the Apple Music home page. 

GEM scored two nominations at the IMAS for Best Album (electronic) and Producer Of The Year, 2019 and was welcomed into The Recording Academy as an official voting member in the producers & engineers wing.

GEM was named one of the top 5 female producers to watch by Showbiz magazine and featured on the cover of their April 2019 USA edition.

She has revelled in the spotlight with a string of high profile gigs, performing at The Emmy Awards pre-party, TED talks, Pride Festival Miami and Pride Festival NYC.

The2070s launched in Sydney, Australia to a full house in an immersive DJ/ lights extravaganza and is set to tour Australia in September. The album features a clutch of familiar tunes, GEM’s intention as the producer was to subvert listeners’ expectations of how these vintage hits — many of them over forty years old — could sound. “My aim from the outset was to create a total vibe,” she explains, “start to end. Taking it old school and crafting a record you can put on and experience.” It will be available on vinyl from August 2019.

The stage has been set for this rising star.


Based in Sydney & LA

Founded in 2018

Genre: #Electronica #Chillwave


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US Management:

Catharine Wood




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